Our Philosophy

Unlike most traditional for-profit educational consulting organizations, Parity believes in giving back to the local community in significant ways. As life-long educators ourselves, we know too well the budgetary challenges that schools face. Our company is not selling more technology, tests, or curriculum to school districts. We provide authentic on-going job-embedded coaching and modeling services (in-person or virtually), as well as, course development and grant writing assistance. We also emphatically resist charging districts and schools exorbitant fees and using funds in ways that do not directly contribute to our mission – improving inclusive education.

Additionally, we are committed to giving back to our community and do so in a variety of ways. Each of us actively volunteers in a wide range of organizations from local schools and educator advocacy groups to faith-based organizations, and programs serving youth, such as the Guardian Ad Litem program.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we continued to serve schools and teachers and help them transition to online learning. We also offered free grant writing assistance to local educational organizations throughout Polk County. We volunteered over 30 hours of grant writing assistance to Polk County’s Achievement Academy.

We recently received a grant from through the Polk Cares Act small-business relief program. Rather than using it to pay ourselves, we are invited educators to contribute to our blog. Helping provide them with extra money during a time of economic crisis while also raising awareness about issues that are important to our mission.

Our philosophy is one of social entrepreneurship. We are educators and teacher educators committed to improving instruction and promoting inclusion of students who are often marginalized and under-served. At the same time, our business actively supports educators at every stage in their career – we coach new and experienced teacher, as we ourselves are exemplary teachers and leaders who are continue give back to the field. We know what it means to grow as educators and look forward to working with you.