two teachers in fron of a classroom

Coaching and Modeling

Our primary mission is to provide coaching and modeling for teachers to improve inclusive educational services for students with diverse learning needs. Our process includes an initial meeting with school administration and teaching team. We then work with teachers individually to set and achieve their instructional goals. We provide regular updates and work with the school as a team to improve instruction. Learn more about our coaching process…

Course Development

Interested in building on-boarding courses for your school or district? We can help you create content for professional development courses around topics such as: inclusion, differentiation, specially designed instruction, assistive technology, post-secondary transition, or collaborative approaches. Our team has extensive experience with curriculum and instructional design to help you develop of face-to-face, hybrid, or online courses.

Writing Assistance

Grants, reports, articles, books, or papers! We can help with any writing project or provide feedback when you need it. We will help you tell your story, develop your project ideas, and align your budget to secure grant funding. We can provide ongoing support via writing groups or one-time assistance depending on your deadline. Our team is ready to assist you!


We work as a single united team with school districts and providing the highest quality coaching and modeling services possible.

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